Murex team members exhibit a diverse background in engineering, construction, and earth sciences, allowing us to provide practical, cost-effective solutions. Having completed projects in many different market sectors helps us understand our clients' important business goals and their differing priorities.

We have experience providing services to a wide range of market sectors:

  • Aerospace and Defense Companies
    • Former Aircraft Manufacturing Facilities
    • Former Rocket Testing Facilities
    • Component Manufacturing Facilities
  • Attorneys
    • Expert Testimony
    • Remediation Cost Allocation
  • Manufacturing
    • Precision Cleaning Facilities
    • Food Manufacturers
  • Developers
    • Brownfields Redevelopment
    • Development/EIR/CEQA Support
  • General Contractors
    • Stormwater Management
  • Retail
    • Gas Stations
    • Dry Cleaners
  • Government Organizations
    • Schools
    • Cities/Counties

Managing the Changing Regulatory Environment

In recent years, new legislation and updated regulations have created additional challenges for our clients. By staying current with state-of-the-art technologies and by being engaged with the regulatory community, Murex has assisted our clients navigate compliance with subjects such as:

  • Sustainable Remediation Design, Carbon Footprint Analysis
  • Low-Impact Design (LID)
  • Emergent Chemicals (Perchlorate, Hexavalent Chromium, 1,4-Dioxane, etc.)
  • Vapor Intrusion & Sub-Slab Venting
  • SWPPP, Stormwater Management
Representative Clients

Aerospace Manufacturing Facility - Sylmar, CA

Active aerospace manufacturing facility. Soil and groundwater impacted with PCE and hexavalent chromium. Project work involved site characterization, fate & transport modeling, investigation of off-site sources, pilot testing and interim remediation using multi-phase extraction and bioremediation.

Food Manufacturer - Industry, CA

Murex provided wastewater design and engineering efficiency support to a manufacturer of prepared meats, saving over $50,000 per year in county wastewater permit fees.

Former Refinery - Sante Fe Springs, CA

Managed the site investigation (free-phase product delineation, soil, gas and groundwater assessment) and remediation of a 50+ acre former refinery. The project involved phasing of the work to support the redevelopment of the site in phases.

Former Aerospace Clean Room Operation - Los Angeles, CA

Major historical solvent spill impacting soil and groundwater was remedied using an innovative combination of oxidants and vacuum extraction underneath active commercial buildings and residences. Project involved identifying other upgradient RPs, negotiating clean-up levels with the RWQCB and supporting client's legal defense.

Fertilizer Plant - Central Valley, CA

Provided cost allocation and remediation design support to lead attorney on behalf of RP. Design included in-situ dentrification using injection of an edible oil solution.

Shopping Mall Development - Manhattan Beach, CA

Provided Low-Impact Development (LID) design support and vapor intrusion mitigation guidance on the development of a new shopping center complex.