Murex Environmental, Inc. is a privately held environmental engineering firm offering consulting services to a wide range of clients and industries. We are a client-focused, solution-oriented company with staff exhibiting a broad range of experience in the fields of civil and environmental engineering, commercial development and construction, groundwater resources, and regulatory compliance. Murex provides practical and reliable solutions to legal, commercial and industrial clients seeking guidance and support on all types of environmental issues. The experience and understanding we have gained through working with various types of clients, industries, regulatory agencies, and technologies is our main asset.

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Industries Served:  Property Developers, Managers, Retail Locations

Markets We Primarily Serve

Industries Served:  Oil, Gas and Energy

Industries Served:  Industry Processing and Manufacturing Sites


Case Studies:  Active Dry Cleaner Mitigation, Los Angeles, CA

Case Studies:  Aerospace Solvent Spill Cleanup, Los Angeles, CA

Case Studies:  Aerospace PCE Removal and Remediation, Sylmar, CA

Case Studies:  Aerospace Manufacturer Waste Storage Solution, Los Angeles, CA

Case Studies of Environmental Litigation, Mapping, Remediation

Case Study: Chemical Distributor Warehouse PCE Characterization, Los Angeles, CA

Case Study:  Former Plating Facility Soil Contamination Analysis, Southern California

Case Study:  Former Oil Refinery Litigation, Insurance, Remediation Engineering, Los Angeles, CA

Case Studies:  Industrial Dry Cleaner Groundwater Characterization, Mitigation Fairfield, CA

Case Studies:  Shopping Mall Redevelopment Site Analysis

Case Studies:  Superfund Site Hydrogeologic Studies, Responsibilities

Case Studies:  Underground Petroleum Pipeline Leak Remediation

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