Environmental Litigation Support

Murex provides litigation support and expert testimony services for a wide range of environmental impact cases. We have served both plaintiff and defendant counsel and have done so as both expert and as implementer; Murex’s project leaders hold a deep understanding of how the different players in environmental litigation are best supported by the technical work done by consultants. Our staff have been involved in hundreds of cases driven by litigation and have special expertise related to dry cleaners and other chlorinated solvent sites, petroleum refineries, perchlorate, plating shops and other hexavalent chromium sources, municipal sewer and water supply systems, PFAS, and forensic investigations.
Our in-house litigation support team includes experts in environmental science, risk assessment, remedial design, and cost analysis.


  • Expert Witness Testimony & Expert Opinion Reports
  • Contamination/Remediation Cost Allocation
  • Soil, Groundwater, and Indoor Air Studies
  • Insurance Archaeology
  • Human Health Risk Assessments
  • Forensic Studies, Including Chemical Fingerprinting and Age-Dating
  • Cleanup Forecast Estimates (“Cost-to-Closure” Expert Opinions)
  • Regulatory Compliance Evaluations


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