Site Characterization

Subsurface Site Characterization is an important and pivotal step towards the development of a successful closure strategy. The process requires careful planning and the integration of data collected from the historical, physical, chemical and biological components that define the Site impacts. The data should be drawn together into a Conceptual Site Model (CSM). The CSM should be developed at the outset of the investigative process and refined throughout the course of the investigations to strengthen and clarify the site understanding.

At Murex, our engineers and scientists work closely with our clients to develop an overall characterization approach based on their needs, goals, Site constraints, and applicable regulatory framework. We employ proven and innovative investigative technologies and techniques to collect the appropriate amount of Site data in a cost-effective manner. Murex Site Characterization services include:

  • Strategic Planning and Agency Negotiation
  • Development of Data Quality Objectives and Work Plan Preparation
  • Soil Gas Surveys
  • Hydrogeologic Investigations
  • Monitoring Well Installation and Sampling
  • Aquifer Testing and Analysis
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Vapor Intrusion Testing
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Data Management and Reporting
  • High-Resolution Containment Mapping
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