Superfund Site, San Bernadino, CA

MARKET– Environmental Litigation Support

SERVICES – Litigation support, Environmental Engineering Cost Evaluation

Project Highlights

  • Regulatory Agency – United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • Contaminants of Concern – Perchlorate
  • Remedial Strategy – Water Reuse, Pump & Treat
  • Challenges – Tight Time Line, Very Large System

Project Summary

Significant rocket, flare, and pyrotechnics site that resulted in the contamination of a major municipal supply system, and involved numerous responsible parties. Murex performed hydrogeologic studies, allocated portioned responsibility to various entities, and prepared designs and construction cost estimates identifying cost contributions based on the different contributing chemical agents and their sources. The Federal EPA was the lead agency.

The challenges faced with this project is the tight time line and the need to design three separate treatment configurations, and the preparation of H20 engineering cost estimates. The groundwater treatment system was required to accommodate a maximum capacity of 3200 gpm. The end use of the treatment is for drinking water.

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