Case Studies

For the past decade, Murex Environmental, Inc. has been developing solutions for some of the most complicated and challenging job sites. Examples include redevelopment of a former refinery, waste resource recovery and wastewater management of a manufacturing facility, and remediation of mixed contaminant plumes in multiple aquifers for various aerospace industry clients. Murex works closely with responsible parties, contractors, and regulatory agencies to enable safe redevelopment, site-closure, or property disposition.

[toggle title=”Active Aerospace Fastener Manufacturer – Sylmar, CA”]

Active aerospace manufacturing facility. Soil and groundwater impacted with PCE and hexavalent chromium. Project work involved site characterization, fate & transport modelling, investigation of off-site sources, pilot testing and interim remediation using multi-phase extraction and bioremediation. Learn More


[toggle title=”Former Aerospace Clean Room- Los Angeles, CA”]

A major historical solvent spill impacting soil and groundwater beneath the project site was remedied using an innovative combination of limited-access excavation by bucket auger, soil vapor extraction (SVE), and injection of oxidants on-site and off-site (ozone gas and sodium permanganate, respectively) underneath active commercial buildings. Learn More


[toggle title=”Former Refinery – Los Angeles, CA”]

Managed the site investigation (free-phase product delineation, soil, gas and groundwater assessment) and remediation of a 50+ acre former refinery. The project involved phasing of the work to support the redevelopment of the site in phases. Learn More


[toggle title=”Superfund Site – San Bernardino, CA”]

Significant rocket, flare, and pyrotechnics site that resulted in the contamination of a major municipal supply system, and involved numerous responsible parties. Learn More


[toggle title=”Fairfield Dry Cleaners – Fairfield, CA”]

Tetrachloroethylene (PCE) and its by-products have been identified in soil and groundwater at or near the property. The former use of PCE for dry cleaning appears to be a source of the groundwater impacts. Learn More

[toggle title=”Shopping Mall Development – Manhattan Beach, CA”]

Provided Low-Impact Development (LID) design support and vapor intrusion mitigation guidance on the development of a new shopping center complex. Learn More


[toggle title=”Active Dry Cleaners – Hollywood, CA”]

Active dry cleaners with historical releases of tetrachloroethylene (PCE) in a very densely developed area in Hollywood, CA. Learn More


[toggle title=”Former Chemical Distributor – Los Angeles, CA”]

Murex was hired by the former owner and suspected responsible party (RP) of a commercial warehouse in South Los Angeles after the current owners discovered PCE impacts in soil vapor and reported the release to DTSC. Learn More


[toggle title=”Active Aerospace Manufacturing Facility, Newbury Park, CA”]

Murex designed, permitted, and constructed a modern hazardous waste storage/treatment unit for two plating operations along a sloped facility exterior after leaks from historical infrastructure caused slope instability. Learn More


[toggle title=”Underground Petroleum Pipelines – Norwalk, CA”]

A historical release of petroleum from one or more pipelines within an underground pipeline transmission network led to soil and groundwater contamination below a busy intersection in Norwalk, California, adjacent to the I-5 Freeway in southeast Los Angeles County. Learn More


[toggle title=”Former Plating Facility, San Gabriel Valley, CA”]

Located in the San Gabriel Valley, the Site was once one of the largest plating facilities in Southern California. Learn More




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